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“When Britain first, at heaven's command, Arose from out the azure main, 
This was the charter of the land, And guardian angels sung this strain: 
'Rule Britannia, rule the waves; Britons never will be slaves.
"Rule Britannia" - James Thomson

"Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free, 
How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee? 
Wider still, and wider, shall thy bounds be set; 
God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet! 
Truth and Right and Freedom, each a holy gem, 
Stars of solemn brightness, weave thy diadem. 
Land of Hope and Glory, fortress of the Free, 
How may we extol thee, praise thee, honour thee? 
Hark, a mighty nation maketh glad reply; 
Lo, our lips are thankful, lo, our hearts are high! 
Hearts in hope uplifted, loyal lips that sing; 
Strong in faith and freedom, we have crowned our King!"
Rule Britannia (abridged) - James Thomson

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Brand Global Journey
Code WP18
Weight 0.12kg
MPN 650922771887
Gender Female
Age Group Adult


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