ABC4Me - Personalised Songs and Stories SPECIAL OFFER

The best of both worlds.....children learning AND having fun! Many of these songs are animal related to help the children visualise as they learn about numbers and letters. These incredibly catchy tunes will encourage kids to sing along and this interactivity will speed up the learning process. His or her name will be mentioned 20 times in total as they are encouraged to sing along.Ideal for children up to 7 years old, this CD will become a favourite: at bedtime, in the car or just for daytime entertainment.

1. Counting one to ten     
2. Ten little chimps in the bed
3. How many animals in the zoo?       
4. One bear went to play
5. The animals go marching one-by-one
6. Five little speckled frogs   
7. Ten little meerkats
8. Swimming with Uncle Lee
9. One lonely turtle
10. Goldilocks and the three bears
11. Counting one to ten again
12. Boys & girls say the ABC
13. Singing ABC
14. Andy the anteater
15. The A-Z of my friends
16. A-Z of animals
17. A you're adorable

​​​​​​​CDs are pre-produced. 
These CDs are not made to order.