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Some of the most important voices of the 20th century, all of whom were responsible for radical advances in their fields and for inspiring future generations.
1. Thomas Edison - 1908 recording of the inventor of the phonograph and the motion picture camera
2. Thomas Watson - 1914 the inventor discusses his work with Alexander Graham Bell as they worked together inventing the telephone
3. Albert Einstein - The 20th century's most famous physicist discussing the atomic bomb in 1945
4. Francis Crick - The biophysicist in 1962 discussing his work with James Watson in discovering the structure of DNA
5. Frank Whittle - 1953 recording in which the inventor of the jet engine discusses his work
6. Alexander Fleming - 1950 recording in which he discusses discovering penicillin
7. Guglielmo Marconi - In 1935 the inventor discussed the sending of the first transatlantic wireless message
8. Sigmund Freud - The "Father" of psychoanalysis in 1938 discussing his work
9. Charles Lindbergh - The first man to fly solo across the Atlantic discusses his epic journey in 1927
10. Ernest Shackleton - 1909 recording in which the he discusses his participation in the race to conquer the South Pole
11. Henry Stanley - 1890 recording in which the explorer accepts the "Freedom Of The City Of London"
12. Howard Carter - 1936 recording in which the archaeologist discusses finding the tomb of Tutankhamen
13. Amy Johnson - In 1930 she discussed becoming the first woman to fly solo from Britain to Australia
14. Mildred Mary Petre - Holder of world records in powerboating, car racing and flying; here, in 1931,                                                 she discusses her 'round the world flight
15. Louis Bleriot - Recorded in 1934 the first man to fly across the English channel discusses his 1909 journey* 
16. Malcolm Campbell - The only man to hold the land and water speed records at the same time in a 1931 recording.
17. Nancy Astor - The first woman MP in the House Of Commons defends the working class and discusses war in 1931
18. Christabel Pankhurst - Leader of the women's suffragette movement championing women's right to vote in 1908.
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