American Presidents Historic Recordings CD

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This fascinating collection of original archive speeches and debates chronicles some of the most important and interesting moments in American politics; including the declaration of war, the dropping of the first atomic bomb, the Cuban missile crisis and the Watergate affair.
1. Franklin D. Roosevelt - Declaration Of War Against Japan 1941
2. Harry S. Truman - The Atomic Bomb Attack On Japan 1945
3. Richard Nixon - The then Vice President debates with Soviet leader Kruschev 1959
4. John F. Kennedy & Richard Nixon - Pre-election debate 1960
5. Dwight D. Eisenhower - Farewell Address 1961
6. John F. Kennedy - Inaugural Speech 1961
7. John F. Kennedy - Cuban Missile Crisis 1962
8. Lyndon B. Johnson - On Signing of the Civil Rights Bill 1964
9. Richard Nixon - The End of the Vietnam War 1973
10. Richard Nixon - The Watergate Tapes 1974
11. Richard Nixon - Resignation Speech 1974 

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