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Six sublime albums featuring a broad spectrum of composers although most importantly the prevailing theme is relaxation.

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Six sublime albums featuring a broad spectrum of composers although most importantly the prevailing theme is relaxation.

Collection Includes: Classics For Relaxation, Classical Romance, Chill Out Classics, Classical Nature, Classics For Tranquility and Timeless Sea

Classics For Relaxation

The most serene classical masterpieces by some of the world’s great composers. Classics for Relaxation is the ultimate relaxation experience featuring musical masterpieces enhanced by nature’s own masterpiece - The Sea. Drift away as these soothing compositions take you on a refreshing journey.

1. Andante Cantabile in C major - Mozart
2. Adagio in G major -Mozart
3. Adagio in B flat major -Mozart
4. Andante in D major -Mozart
5. Adagio Sostenuto in G major - Haydn
6. Adagio Non Lento in A minor - Mendelssohn
7. Poco Adagio in C minor -Brahms
8. Andante in C major -Mozart

Classical Romance
These sensual and seductive interpretations of classical masterpieces are ideal for cosy nights, romantic dinners or even just for relaxation purposes.

1. Claire de Lune - Debussy
2. Piano Sonata no. 8 -    Beethoven
3. Moonlight Sonata -    Beethoven
4. Air on a G String - Bach
5. Liebestraume - Liszt
6. Etude no. 3 in E Major -    Chopin 
7. Gymnopedie - Erik Satie
8. The Flower Duet - Delibes
9. Canon in D Major - Pachelbel
10. Nocturne in E Flat - Opus 9 no. 2 - Chopin
11. Fur Elise - Mozart

Chill Out Classics
These reflective masterpieces by the world's greatest ever composers are a sublime salute to their combined talents. The mesmeric effect will leave you drifting through the night in a state of complete serenity.

1. The Swan - Saint Saens
2. Prelude in C major - Bach
3. Minuet - Boccherini
4. Hungarian Dance - Brahms
5. Raindrop Prelude - Chopin
6. La Fille - Debussy
7. Dolly Suite - Faure
8. Meditation - Massenet
9. The Great Wall Of Kiev - Musorgsky
10. Prelude in C minor - Bach
11. Aquarium - Saint-Saens
12. Sonata In C - Mozart
13. Jugend - Schumann
14. Sonata In A - Schubert
15. Reverie - Schumann

Classical Nature
Visit your very own island paradise. Relax as the strings of Andy Marlow’s guitar, accentuated by the sounds of the ocean welcome you to this island of tranquility. A collection of some great classical masterpieces along with a few of his own acclaimed compositions will leave you in a thoroughly relaxed and refreshed state.

1. Gymnopedie - Satie
2. Prelude and Allemande -de´Visee
3. Spanish Song - Andy Marlow
4. Prelude - Bach
5. Cancion - Lauro
6. Spring Tide - Andy Marlow
7. Nimrod - Elgar
8. Gavotti - Scarlatti
9. Eclipse - Andy Marlow
10. Winter - Vivaldi
11. Night Dance - Andy Marlow
12. Largo - Dvorak
13. Canon - Pachelbel
14. Song - Andy Marlow

Classics For Tranquility
The subtle strings of Keith Halligan’s guitar accompanied by the delightful touch of Shelley Beaumont on piano ensure that these great classical tracks wash over you and transmit a tranquil sense of wellbeing.

1. Scenes From Foreign Lands -    Schumann
2. Etude No.5 in B minor - Sor
3. Concerto No21 Andante (Elvira Madigan) - Mozart
4. Le Carnaval des Animaux (Le Cynge) - Saint Saens
5. Panis Angelicus - Franck
6. Four Seasons (Winter) Largo - Vivaldi
7. Gymnopedies - Satie
8. Clair De Lune - Debussy
9. Sonata No14 (Moonlight) - Beethoven
10. Sonata No8 Adagio - Beethoven
11. Romanza Opus 37 - Carulli
12. Concerto No23 - Mozart
13. Rondo - Carulli

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