Inspiring Notes Book & CD

Be inspired, amused and amazed with Inspiring Notes. A unique collection of thought provoking quotes, sentiments and inspirational messages combined with an expertly mixed, complimentary CD of wonderful relaxation music.
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  • All My Love - Inspiring Notes Book & CD

    All My Love - Inspiring Notes Book & CD

    Love is; that person who makes an ordinary moment seem magical, who brings out the best in you and whose mere presence makes you smile. These heartfelt quotes on love are accompanied by sultry and seductive saxophone music fused with the relaxing sounds of the ocean caressing the golden sands of a secluded beach......a truly sensuous soundscape.
  • Anniversary - Inspiring Notes Book & CD

    Anniversary - Inspiring Notes Book & CD

    Whether it's a 1st anniversary or a 60th it's a very special day; that day that conjures up all the great memories of a wedding day and celebrates the couples abiding love. Getting married to the one you love is one of the most significant days in anybody's life and the anniversary of the day represents an opportunity to reflect on how great life is when you meet that special person. Great writers, singers, poets and philosophers over the generations have tried to encapsulate the definition of love and we've gathered together a selection of great romantic quotes that embraces the devotion of wedded bliss.  The accompanying music features the romantic and delightfully subtle strings of the harp sublimely interwoven with the serene sounds of nature. 
  • Colouring Therapy - Inspiring Notes Book & CD

    Colouring Therapy - Inspiring Notes Book & CD

    Although Colouring Therapy seems to be a most recent relaxation technique and stress-buster it was first prescribed by the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung in the 1920's! After much recent research many medical practitioners and occupational therapists are now suggesting that the benefits are manifold and can counteract stress disorders, eating disorders, anger management issues, obsessive compulsive disorders and insomnia problems.  In addition, because the therapy utilises areas of the brain that enhance focus and concentration it can also benefit with an improvement in organisational skills, memory and positivity. The sublime music included will enhance the relaxation experience and combined with the colouring can invoke a meditative state of mind.
  • The World's Best Teacher - Inspiring Notes Book & CD

    The World's Best Teacher - Inspiring Notes Book & CD

    A great teacher is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget. This noblest of professions that can excite and educate young minds and help develop the skills required to make a difference in the world. The future of our world is in our classrooms today and the world's most powerful weapon is great teachers. The accompanying music features sublime guitar compositions enhanced by the gentle sounds of the sea, the ideal soundscape with which to chill out.
  • Wedding - Inspiring Notes Book & CD

    Wedding - Inspiring Notes Book & CD

    Marriage; the ultimate expression of love, when two people choose one day to declare their total devotion to each other. Poets, novelists and songwriters have enthralled us for centuries with poems, stories and songs of love but the classical composers got closer than anyone to defining love, which is why classical music plays such a fundamental part of so many weddings.
  • Wisdom - Inspiring Notes Book & CD

    Wisdom - Inspiring Notes Book & CD

    Knowledge is knowing what to say, wisdom is knowing when to say it. These thought provoking quotes on wisdom by famous wise men and women reflect on the vagaries of life and the accompanying music is ideal for reflection and meditation. Absorb the words of wisdom and then let the beautiful combination of Zen-inspired music and nature sounds wash over you; inspiring and so very relaxing.