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Our claim; this is one of the greatest albums ever! It features Jack Kerouac, one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century, the seminal influence of the Beat Generation which was a Bohemian movement that caught the imagination of the American youth in the 1950's and was the pre-cursor for the Hippy movement of the 1970's. The fiction and poetry of Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs introduced the American youth to a previously unheard of anti-establishment, hedonistic and Bohemian way of life......and things have never been the same since.
This album features Kerouac reading a selection of his poetry and prose; some with a jazz accompaniment, some with a solo piano accompaniment and some just feature Kerouac on his own.
The Great Audio Moments Series titles are single CD albums but in the case of this album we have decided that, to keep the integrity of Kerouac's work intact, we couldn't edit it down so have included all available tracks on two discs.
#1. October in the Railroad Earth
2. Deadbelly
3. Charlie Parker
4. The Sounds of the Universe Coming Through My Window
5. One Mother
6. Goofing at the Table
7. Bowery Blues
8. Abraham
9. Dave Brubeck
10. I Had a Slouch Hat Too One Time
11. The Wheel of the Quivering Meat Conception
12. MacDougal Street Blues
13. The Moon Her Majesty
14. I'd Rather Be Thin Than Famous
15. American Haikus
16. Hard Hearted Old Farmer
17. The Last Hotel & Some of the Dharma
1. Poems from the Unpublished Book of Blues
2. The Beat Generation
3. Poems (Fragments)
4. Lucien Midnight the Sounds of the Universe in My Window Pt. I
5. Lucien Midnight the Sounds of the Universe in My Window Pt.II
6. Fantasy: The Early History of Bop
7. Excerpts from 'The Subterraneans'
8. Visions of Neal and the Three Stooges Pt.I
9. Visions of Neal and the Three Stooges Pt. II
10. Readings from 'On the Road & 'Visions of Cody' 

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