JFK Historic Recordings CD

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In the history of political recordings there are three names that stand out as being outstanding orators who could #inspire a nation or create an influence on the zeitgeist of the time Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King and of course John F. Kennedy. This selection of his speeches are imbued with the full range of his passion, intensity, conviction and charm.
1. The Nixon-Kennedy Debate
2. Pre-Election Speech
3. Election Eve Speech
4. Inaugural Speech
5. Taking the Oath of Office
6. Alliance for Progress Speech
7. Berlin Wall Speech
8. U.S. Steel Speech
9. Labor Speech
10. Birmingham Segregation Speech
11. Nuclear Test Speech
12. Peace Corps Speech
13. Cuba Speech
14. State of the Union Message
15. United Nations Address
16. Houston Speech
17. Dallas Speech
18. Unconfirmed Assassination Report 

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