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It's nearly 90 years since they launched their careers and amazingly Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are still seen as the benchmark for all comedy duos. Their chemistry, timing, delivery and scripts have never been bettered and as this, remastered and digitally enhanced, compilation proves they will probably remain the ultimate comedy duo for many years to come.
1. Introduction From Another Fine Mess Including 'The Cuckoo Song'
2. Oh Gaston (From 'Below Zero')
3. Fresh Fish (From 'Towed In A Hole')
4. Victims Of The Depression (From 'One Good Turn')
5. Furniture Payment (From 'Thicker Than Water')
6. Let Me Call You Sweetheart (From 'Swiss Miss')
7. What Flavors Have You? (From 'Come Clean')
8. Higher Endeavours (From 'Their First Mistake')
9. Mistaken Identity (From 'Pardon Us')
10. The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine (From 'Way Out West')
11. Long Distance (From 'The Fixer Uppers')
12. At The Ball, That's All (From 'Way Out West')
13.The New Recruits, Including 'The Cuckoo Song' (From 'Beau Hunks')
14. There's A Dollar (From 'Below Zero')
15. Hard-Boiled Eggs And Nuts, Including 'In The Good Old Summertime' (From 'County Hospital')
16. Annual Convention (From 'Sons Of The Desert')
17. Way Down South, Including 'I Want To Be In Dixie' (From 'Way Out West')
18. Where Were You Born? (From 'The Laurel And Hardy Murder Case')
19. United We Stand (From 'Towed In A Hole')

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