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Lenny Bruce is to comedy; what The Beatles are to music, Hunter S. Thompson is to journalism and Jack Kerouac is to literature. He was a genius, a martyr and a rebel who changed the comedy zeitgeist forever. In the 1950's stand-up comedians worked within confined strictures of what was deemed socially acceptable by the conservative majority which led to anodyne performances featuring Mother-In-Law jokes and witticisms about the celebrities of the time.            Bruce's satirical and profane humour shocked 1950's America; he discussed racism, sex, religion and was very critical of many in authority. This led him to being banned in most States, arrested and charged with profanity and obscenity and having to perform irregularly at the few venues who were brave enough to let him perform.
Lenny Bruce paved the way for a whole new generation of comedians such as, Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Richard Prior. Nowadays Lenny Bruce's material does not seem overly offensive but in the 1950's he was seen as a subversive and radical threat to society; more recently the American authorities have posthumously pardoned his obscenity convictions.##The Great Audio Moments Series titles are single CD albums but in the case of this album we have decided that, to keep the integrity of Lenny Bruce's work intact, we couldn't edit it down so have included all available tracks on two discs.
1. Introduction By Don Friedman
2. Airlines
3. Miami Kidnap
4. The Moral Code
5. Ku Klux Klan
6. Selective Idioms
7. Know Your Audience
8. Working The Club Scene
9. Homosexuality
10. The Singer with Hairy Armpits
11. Patriotism, Capitalism and Communism
12. Warped Values
1. Las Vegas, Tits & Ass
2. The Clap
3. Jesus & Moses
4. Equality
5. Internal Revenue
6. Healthy Eating & Pills
7. Judge Sapperstein
8. Contemporaries
9. Shelly Berman
10. The Joke

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