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Global Journey Music and Audio CDs offer the very best selling and most comprehensive selection of original CDs Worldwide. Our high quality music is composed and performed by leading professional musicians and artists who have worked for many of our mainstream recording stars, International Orchestras and for Film and TV. Our current music range includes Wellbeing, Relaxation & New-Age, World music, Nature & Music, Nature Sounds and Children's.
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  • A Very Classical Christmas, Vol. 1

    A Very Classical Christmas, Vol. 1

    How do you make the most magical time of the year just that little bit more magical? This double album of classical Christmas favourites, by artists such as Liberace, The Mantovani Orchestra and The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra will provide an idyllic soundscape for Christmas Day.
  • A Very Classical Christmas, Vol. 2

    A Very Classical Christmas, Vol. 2

    This double album of Christmas choral favourites by some of the greatest orchestras and choirs is hauntingly beautiful and is the ideal accompaniment for the festive celebrations.
  • Africa - Misa Luba World Music CD

    Africa - Misa Luba World Music CD

    Originally released in 1958, this remastered album features the amazing Les Toubadours Du Roi Baudoin, a Congolese choir, under the direction of Father Guido Haazen, A Fransiscan Friar.  Also in 1958 they toured Europe with great success and sang with The Vienna Boys Choir. The album features the Missa Luba (African Mass) on the first six tracks, followed by some traditional Congolese songs. 
  • African Dawn - Miriam Makeba World Music CD

    African Dawn - Miriam Makeba World Music CD

    Music doesn't get any better than this - African music at it's best by Miriam Makeba; the Grammy award winning South African singer who, in the 1960's, became the first artist to popularize African music around the world.
  • African Voices World Music CD

    African Voices World Music CD

    The powerful and emotive music of N’Chant Nguru embodies all that is Africa. The raw vocals punctuate the rhythmic beat of the music and together they affirm the wonders of this most magnificent continent.
  • Angels Music CD

    Angels Music CD

    Enjoy your own ethereal sanctuary as this beautiful album combines the subtle nuances of the heavenly realm with joyful, optimistic and relaxing compositions.
  • Aromatherapy Music CD

    Aromatherapy Music CD

    The benefits of Aromatherapy go way beyond the medicinal properties of aromatic plants and extracts. Fragrances can enhance our mood, have a soothing effect on our nerves and promote a meditative and reflective state of mind.
  • Best of Nature Sounds CD

    Best of Nature Sounds CD

    Enjoy the best that Nature has to offer, from the serenity of the sea to the raw excitement of a fierce thunderstorm. This album features a compilation from Global Journey’s Nature Recording Series.
  • Bird Song Nature Sounds CD

    Bird Song Nature Sounds CD

    Early morning, deep in the countryside, the glorious melodies of songbirds fill the air. Discover your own personal paradise as you lie beside a stream and let the songbirds serenade you.
  • Cafe Brasil World Music CD

    Cafe Brasil World Music CD

    Coffee and music are both integral to Brazilian life and this album conjures images of a café veranda overlooking the golden sands of the Copacabana Beach. As the cooling breeze meets the heady intoxication of the coffee bean scent and the smooth rhythmic samba music hangs in the air, the result is both life-affirming and very relaxing.
  • Cafe Chile Music CD

    Cafe Chile Music CD

    The Café Mapocho take it's name from the river the Café is awash with a spirited and lively atmosphere that imbues a joie-de-vivre amongst all those who dwell.
  • Cafe Cuba Music CD

    Cafe Cuba Music CD

    In a cafe in downtown Havana the smell of the coffee hangs in the humid air, the intoxicating aroma and the sensual Cuban music create a most inviting welcome.
  • Cafe Espana Music CD

    Cafe Espana Music CD

    Welcome to Café Mañana* where nothing is urgent, nobody is in a hurry and chilling-out is a way of life. The Café is replete with a myriad of colourful cakes and other delicacies and the heavenly aroma of coffee hangs in the air. Sit back with your favourite cup of coffee, let the music wash over you and let your senses take you on a journey to Café Mañana.
  • Cafe Istanbul Music CD

    Cafe Istanbul Music CD

    In Old Istanbul a temporary interlude from the abounding tumult and the midday sun can be found at Café Taksim. The vibrant atmosphere of Café Istanbul is juxtaposed with the elegant interior, the subtle music and the almost addictive coffee aroma. Let the music take you to this Eurasian metropolis to sample the delights of Café Istanbul.
  • Cafe Italia Music CD

    Cafe Italia Music CD

    In Cafe Dolce Vita* everything stops for coffee. The stresses and strains of daily life are left behind as you enter the Café and are immediately immersed in an atmosphere of genteel tranquility and the fabulous coffee aroma. Sit back and enjoy your favourite cup of coffee, while the evocative music plays in the background and delight in the complete 
  • Cafe Paris Music CD

    Cafe Paris Music CD

    Down an old, twisting Parisienne laneway where time seems to stand still, you will find a small pretty Café with a collection of small tables outside glistening in the winter sunshine. Upon entering you are overwhelmed by the aroma and the relaxing ambience. Sit back, sip your coffee, listen to the beautiful music and let the stresses of the outside world drift by.
  • Cajun Slowdown

    Cajun Slowdown

      Is this album bluegrass?  Is this album cajun? The only thing we know for sure is this album  takes just chillin’ to a while new level.  Relaxation seems too frenetic a word  - this is audio sedation.
  • Celtic Harp Music CD

    Celtic Harp Music CD

    No musical instrument conveys the story of the Celts more than the harp and nobody wrote more emotive pieces for the harp than Ireland's most famous composer Turlough O'Carolan. His compositions are over 300 years old but remain timeless. With the music very much to the foreground, in the distance you can hear the sounds of the ocean rolling into Dublin Bay, the combination is stunning.
  • Celtic Moods Music CD

    Celtic Moods Music CD

    The seemingly hypnotic effect of these beautiful Celtic tracks will invoke an image of unspoilt rural beauty and a sense of tranquility that will stay with you long after the music has stopped.
  • Celtic Mystery Music CD

    Celtic Mystery Music CD

    This amazing fusion of two ancient cultures, Celtic and Aboriginal, features celtic compositions with a unique ensemble of instruments associated with both cultures including the Didgeridoo, harp and flute. This original concept highlights the spiritual, mysterious and mythical aspects of both "tribes".
  • Celtic Paradise Music CD

    Celtic Paradise Music CD

    This odyssey to Tir Na Nog, the legendary heaven of Celtic Ireland, is an ethereal journey imbued with the mysticism and spirituality that embody the Celtic Soul. Frank O’Connor performs on Guitar, Piano and Tin Whistle and his evocative compositions combine intricate themes with subtle instrumentation.
  • Celtic Rhythms Music CD

    Celtic Rhythms Music CD

    The Flannery’s at their best produce the definitive example of Celtic rhythms. Their style exudes a carefree exuberance that is as spontaneous as great Irish music should be.
  • Celtic Spirit Music CD

    Celtic Spirit Music CD

    The Flannery’s at their best produce the definitive example of Celtic rhythms. Their style exudes a carefree exuberance that is as spontaneous as great Irish music should be.
  • Celtic Sunset Music CD

    Celtic Sunset Music CD

    This beautiful album gracefully blends these Celtic melodies to evoke images of an enigmatic place where time stands still. These simple yet enchanting songs feature traditional and modern instruments.
  • Chill Out Tibet Music CD

    Chill Out Tibet Music CD

    The mysticism and spiritual aura associated with Tibet are the bedrock of many Eastern Philosophies and practices. On this album the haunting vocals are fused with more contemporary sounds to produce a spellbinding chill out collection.
  • Classical Thunder Music CD

    Classical Thunder Music CD

    The combination of the awesome majesty of a thunderstorm and some of the most inspired classical music ever written.
  • Classics By The Sea Music CD

    Classics By The Sea Music CD

    The subtle tones of Shelley Beaumont’s piano and the tranquil strings of Keith Halligan’s guitar interpret these great classical compositions in sublime fashion. These exquisite performances are then taken to an ethereal level of serenity with the addition of the calming sounds of the sea.
  • Crystals Music CD

    Crystals Music CD

    Our fascination with crystals goes far beyond the beauty of their shape, colour and form. Ever since the Greek and Roman empires the benefits of the stones has been passed down through the generations. The positivity and healing powers of the crystal can be very beneficial.
  • De-Stress Music CD

    De-Stress Music CD

    It is now widely accepted that stress can cause many illnesses, both physical and mental and also can promote existing illnesses. Most people need to develop stress management techniques at one time or another and this excellent title can provide huge relief from the stresses and strains of everyday life.
  • Dolphin Paradise

    Dolphin Paradise

    The freedom and grandeur of one of nature's most enchanting creatures and their habitat come alive in this collection of elegant original compositions. Bottle-nosed Dolphin, Humpback whales,  sea gull and ocean surf collaborate with steel string acoustic guitar, piano,  oboe, violin, base, synthesizer and more. The result is soothing arrangements, imaginative instrumentation and exquisite melodies that take you on a magical journey to this mysterious underwater Dolphin Paradise.  
  • Earth Rhythms World Music CD

    Earth Rhythms World Music CD

    This reflective album is a transcendental tribute to Mother Earth and the culture, traditions and spirituality of her Indigenous peoples. The meditative ambience is a portrayal of the Aboriginal "Dreamtime" in which the hypnotic tones of the didgeridoo are absorbed by the conscious and sub-conscious mind.
  • Echoes of Greece World Music CD

    Echoes of Greece World Music CD

    This reflective sojourn, to Greece on a blissfully sunny day, will conjure magical images of this enchanting country. Imagine you are sheltering from the warm sun under an olive tree and let the mayhem of the outside world pass you by as the beautiful bazouki music provides the perfect soundscape.
  • Eternal Forest Music CD

    Eternal Forest Music CD

    Deep in the Eternal Forest, where time has no meaning, the majestic waterfall cascades endlessly over the rocks. In the distance the birds chorus their approval as the rain begins to fall. Relax and enjoy this visit to the Eternal Forest as the spellbinding sounds of nature and dreamy contemporary music, ensure the most complete relaxation experience.
  • Flute Naturally Music CD

    Flute Naturally Music CD

    The beautiful harmony of the flute enhanced by nature's own melody of the forest conjures this wonderful album which is both uplifting and relaxing. The nature sounds and music have been lovingly woven together so that the music comes to the fore when the birdsong abates and the birdsong comes to the fore as the music recedes, the harmonious fusion will rapidly become a Global Journey favourite.
  • Ghost Dancers World Music CD

    Ghost Dancers World Music CD

    The Ghost dancers were members of the Lakota Sioux Tribe who believed that if Indians danced and sang to certain songs they could bring friends and relatives back from the dead and the white man would disappear. They wore ‘Magical’ shirts which they believed to be bulletproof. This evocative and emotive music featuring authentic instrumentation pays tribute to the Ghost Dancing religion and a people who’s devotion to family and community, with guidance from their ancestors, have survived many setbacks and constitute an integral part of North American history.
  • Great Barrier Reef Nature Sounds CD

    Great Barrier Reef Nature Sounds CD

    The Great Barrier Reef is widely acclaimed as an aquatic Garden of Eden and these recordings capture some of the magnificence of the idyllic ocean paradise.
  • Guardian Angel Music CD

    Guardian Angel Music CD

    In this hectic world we all need to find time to relax, unwind and soothe the body, mind and soul. The ethereal ambience of these wonderful harp compositions by Bethan Myfanwy Hughes will create the perfect soundscape for serene contemplation. To focus solely on our relationship with our divine guardians, who guide us down life's pathway, is as spiritually rewarding as it is relaxing.
  • Guitar By The Sea Music CD

    Guitar By The Sea Music CD

    Stunning Classical Guitar interpretations meet the relaxing sounds of the shore. The combination proves sublime as a tranquil state takes over. Guitar by the Sea succeeds last year's number 1 best selling album - Piano By The Sea - continuing the enduring sensation of well-being & relaxation. 10 Beautifully mastered tracks by Global Journey for just £9.99, enjoy.
  • Harp By The Sea Music CD

    Harp By The Sea Music CD

    When the most relaxing harp music imaginable is merged with the sublime sounds of the sea, gently caressing a deserted sunlit beach, the result is a complete indulgence of the senses and a wonderful sensation of total serenity.
  • Harp Naturally Music CD

    Harp Naturally Music CD

    Very probably the most relaxing album EVER! The delightfully subtle nuances of Bethan Myfanwy Hughes' solo harp seemingly leave the notes hanging in the air, and the serene nature sounds in the background provide an idyllic soundscape in which to escape. 
  • Heavenly Hawaii Music CD

    Heavenly Hawaii Music CD

    Idyllic Hawaii is nature's masterpiece. These magnificent compositions of sublime tranquility complemented by the serene sounds of the sea will take you on a journey - to a deserted beach on a cloudless day as the palm trees rustle gently in a cooling breeze - Paradise Found.
  • Highland Memories Music CD

    Highland Memories Music CD

    This collection of original compositions summons images of the rugged majesty of the Grampian mountains, Ben Nevis, the serene allure of the Lochs and the breath-taking countryside that make a visit to the Highlands such an unforgettable experience.
  • Highland Spirit Music CD

    Highland Spirit Music CD

    Out of the highland mist comes the call of the bagpipes. Traditional sounds blended with enchanting melodies and stirring themes. The spirit of Scotland transcends the centuries in a captivating collage of ancient and contemporary sounds.
  • In Search of the Spirit World Music CD

    In Search of the Spirit World Music CD

    Native Americans believe that the spirits communicate with the tribal leaders in sleep. Intricately woven dream catchers, placed by the bed where the morning light strikes them, aid the elders in recalling nightly visions. In Search Of The Spirit honours the Sacred tradition. The gentle, free-flowing rhythms wash over you like sleep. Listen with your heart. This soothing and meditative music will carry you in waves of tranquil bliss, into a state of complete serenity.
  • Meditation Music CD

    Meditation Music CD

    This relaxation therapy is ideal for focusing the mind, lifting you out of your day-to-day level of consciousness into a state of passive awareness at which point your body can alleviate symptoms of high blood pressure, chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia.
  • Mozart for Mother & Baby Music CD

    Mozart for Mother & Baby Music CD

    A new born baby benefits from music specifically played at sixty beats per minute as it mirrors the Mother’s heartbeat, which the baby has become accustomed to during pregnancy.
  • Nature's Chant World Music CD

    Nature's Chant World Music CD

    This truly stunning album combines hypnotic Gregorian vocals with the relaxing sounds of nature resulting in a mesmerising and memorable collaboration.
  • Ocean Guitar Music CD

    Ocean Guitar Music CD

    Keith Halligan's favourite Roman God is Neptune, god of the sea, and by coincidence Neptune's favourite musician is Keith Halligan so this collaboration was only a matter of time. Neptune has provided us with his most relaxing waves to record and Keith has risen to the occasion by performing the most tranquil guitar pieces ever recorded .....the result is a masterpiece of tranquility.
  • Pachelbel Ocean Music CD (redesigned for 2016)

    Pachelbel Ocean Music CD (redesigned for 2016)

    Above a delicate coral seascape, a soothing sapphire-blue ocean surf whispers its age-old song to a gently, white-sand beach. The timeless rhythms of ocean surf are masterly blended with impassioned symphonic ochestrations of Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D, as well as selections from Handel's "Water Music" and Bach's Air on the G String.
  • Piano By The Sea Music CD

    Piano By The Sea Music CD

    These beautiful, solo piano melodies ebb & flow with the serene sounds of the ocean. Embrace the sound of clear waves rolling over golden sands; and the gentle incoming breeze from a clear ocean horizon.
  • Rainforest Nature Sounds CD

    Rainforest Nature Sounds CD

    The stunning and awesome beauty of the rainforest is captured in this evocative recording. The exotic melodies are provided by numerous species of birds, insects, mammals and the odd thunderstorm. All of which will ensure a captivating experience.
  • Reiki Music CD

    Reiki Music CD

    Reiki is an ancient form of hands on healing. This powerful holistic therapy stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities. The word Reiki means ‘Universal Life Force’.
  • Sacred Chant World Music CD

    Sacred Chant World Music CD

    With a hint of divine inspiration this beautiful album features haunting vocals, an ethereal refrain throughout and is imbued with a Celtic undetone. This celestial encounter is as evocative as it is relaxing and will provide the ideal soundscape in which to unwind.
  • Sacred Spirit

    Sacred Spirit

    Spirits' carried by the wind and experienced through visions, offered early Native American cultures insight into the close bond that exists between nature and man. Music, particularly that of the flute, facilitated communion with the spirits and was an important part of religious ceremonies. This album of enchanting melodies features the Native American wood flute gently woven with the sounds of wind and wildlife, creating a unique and meditative experience.
  • South American Pan Pipes by The Sea World Music CD

    South American Pan Pipes by The Sea World Music CD

    On a Peruvian beach the sun sets on another blissful day as the mighty Pacific ocean gently washes over the golden sand. The idyllic setting is only enhanced by the gentle sounds of the pan pipes, played as only the South Americans can.
  • SPA Relaxing Music CD

    SPA Relaxing Music CD

    Indulge yourself with the most serene music imaginable which will enable you to leave all the stress of everyday life behind.
  • Spirit Of The Wolf World Music CD

    Spirit Of The Wolf World Music CD

    The Wolf, a most mythical and spiritual animal, is revered by Native Americans who perceive an elemental and hereditary link between the integrity of family within Native American and Lupine culture and the wider characteristics of each tribe and pack. This album reflects the symbiotic nature of the wolf and Native American. The vocals are supplied by both man and wolf and the Native American instrumentation weaves a vivid canvas that portrays the mutual respect and appreciation between man and wolf.
  • Tai Chi Music CD

    Tai Chi Music CD

    Tai Chi Chuan is both a martial art and spiritual discipline. Its movements are slow and meditative, yet have an unseen internal strength. It is this combination of soft and hard, or Yin and Yang, which generates the great rewards of improved health and fitness physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • The Sea Nature Sounds CD

    The Sea Nature Sounds CD

    The sea, timeless, rhythmical and ultimately soothing. The therapeutic effects of listening to the sea are well documented, so sit back, relax and let the sound of the ocean flow over you.
  • Thunder Drums Music CD

    Thunder Drums Music CD

    Percussive instruments were the musical focus of all ancient cultures and notably the drum. This wonderful album highlights Native American, African, Hispanic, Aboriginal and South American influences and then merges them with the awesome sounds of a thunderstorm........the result is simply stunning.
  • Thunder Magic Music CD

    Thunder Magic Music CD

    This stunning albums merges the amazing piano compositions of Mark Phillip with the awesome yet relaxing sounds of a thunderstorm. The acoustic interaction between pianist and thunderstorm is mesmerising; the poignant music interspersed with the ephemeral claps of distant thunder and all the while the hypnotic rhythm of the rain.....a truly memorable experience.
  • Thunderstorm Nature Sounds CD

    Thunderstorm Nature Sounds CD

    One of natures most powerful and wondrous phenomena - the Thunderstorm. This album follows a thunderstorm from a light rain shower through to the full fury of the storm and finally at the end, the sound of distant thunder as the storm passes.
  • Tibetan Bowls Music CD

    Tibetan Bowls Music CD

    For centuries Tibetan Monks have used the vibrational tones of The Tibetan Bowls to induce a trance like state, ideal for meditation. These subtle tones promote many health benefits. Sound travels in waves and the vibrations of the bowls, like the ripples on a lake, can calm our brainwaves; promoting a range of health benefits by releasing a sense of harmony. The Bowls are accompanied but the subtle sounds of nature.
  • Tibetan Journey

    Tibetan Journey

    The subtlety and beauty of these Tibetan themes reflect the  breathtaking imagery of the region and the culture.  Mystical, eastern influences pervade every nuance of this epic  album as these peerless compositions acclaim the perception,  enlightenment and spirituality of the Tibetan Monks.
  • Tranquil Sea Music CD

    Tranquil Sea Music CD

    The Most Relaxing Album might seem like a subjective matter but we're confident that when you surrender yourself to these exquisite guitar-led compositions and let the ocean sounds wash over you it will leave you in a complete state of relaxation.
  • Tranquility Music CD

    Tranquility Music CD

    For all eternity the sea endlessly caresses the sandy beach leaving whispering traces of foam and producing a tremendous sense of tranquility. Tension and stress ebb away as the soothing sea combined with the most reflective and delicate music wash over you.
  • Whale Song Nature Sounds CD

    Whale Song Nature Sounds CD

    Welcome to the serene world of the Humpback whale. The haunting sounds of these creatures resonate through the blueness of their idyllic ocean home. This underwater sojourn is a celebration of our planets most awesome inhabitants.
  • Whale Symphony

    Whale Symphony

    This audio expedition to Alaska will let you experience the true majesty of the natural world. We follow a pod of 9 Humpback whales to their summer feeding grounds and along the way experience the grandeur of Alaska including;  its wildlife, rivers, lakes, cascading waterfalls, glaciers and snow caves.
  • Wolf Talk Nature Sounds CD

    Wolf Talk Nature Sounds CD

    As enigmatic as the smile on Mona Lisa’s face and as hauntingly beautiful as Johann Sebastian Bach’s Air on ‘G’, the song of the wolf is amongst mother nature’s greatest masterpieces and goes some way to explaining why in many cultures, past and present, the wolf portrays both mystical and spiritual awareness.
  • Yoga Music CD

    Yoga Music CD

    Unlike most modern exercise systems Yoga does not seek to raise the heart rate or work on any specific group of muscles. Yoga is holistic in nature and seeks to improve overall health and flexibility in both body and mind. In so doing inner awareness is raised leading to greater spiritual and emotional freedom.
  • Zen Garden World Music CD

    Zen Garden World Music CD

    Zen: Abbreviation of Japanese Zenna (quiet mind concentration). Zen Practice includes meditation and sudden enlightenment and eventual realisation of self. This mesmeric album featuring the most imaginative and soothing music accentuated with the sounds of nature. The Zen Garden, with its flowing stream and beautiful birdsong is the ideal place to escape the stresses of everyday life.
  • Zen Relaxation Music CD

    Zen Relaxation Music CD

    Zen - or Chán 禅 in Chinese Mandarin - translates as "Meditative state"; a musical philosophy embedded in Chinese culture, a belief that contemplative music can soothe the soul.