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Native American CD Bundle
Native American CD Bundle
Native American CD Bundle
Native American CD Bundle
Native American CD Bundle

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4 Great Native American music CDs at a special discounted price. 10% Saving on buying separately.


Ghost Dancers
The Ghost dancers were members of the Lakota Sioux Tribe who believed that if Indians danced and sang to certain songs they could bring friends and relatives back from the dead and the white man would disappear. They wore ‘Magical’ shirts which they believed to be bulletproof. This evocative and emotive music featuring authentic instrumentation pays tribute to the Ghost Dancing religion and a people who’s devotion to family and community, with guidance from their ancestors, have survived many setbacks and constitute an integral part of North American history.

Sacred Spirit
Spirits' carried by the wind and experienced through visions, offered early Native American cultures insight into the close bond that exists between nature and man. Music, particularly that of the flute, facilitated communion with the spirits and was an important part of religious ceremonies. This album of enchanting melodies features the Native American wood flute gently woven with the sounds of wind and wildlife, creating a unique and meditative experience.

Spirit of the Wolf
The Wolf, a most mythical and spiritual animal, is revered by Native Americans who perceive an elemental and hereditary link between the integrity of family within Native American and Lupine culture and the wider characteristics of each tribe and pack. This album reflects the symbiotic nature of the wolf and Native American. The vocals are supplied by both man and wolf and the Native American instrumentation weaves a vivid canvas that portrays the mutual respect and appreciation between man and wolf.

In Search of the Spirit
Native Americans believe that the spirits communicate with the tribal leaders in sleep. Intricately woven dream catchers, placed by the bed where the morning light strikes them, aid the elders in recalling nightly visions. In Search Of The Spirit honours the Sacred tradition. The gentle, free-flowing rhythms wash over you like sleep. Listen with your heart. This soothing and meditative music will carry you in waves of tranquil bliss, into a state of complete serenity.


Global Journey

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Native American CD Bundle