New-Age and Relaxation Music

Our relaxation and spa titles cover a huge variety of musical styles; some merged with nature and some without, some designed to induce sleep and some merely to chill out to but all performed by top quality musicians with years of experience in the industry.

The Global Journey new age titles focus on relaxation but with a more spiritual ambience than other Global Journey titles. Themes such as Angels, Native American spirituality, meditative influences and Astrology abound in a broad spectrum of New Age concepts that engage the listener whilst also providing a transcendental audioscape.
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  • Angels Music CD

    Angels Music CD

    Enjoy your own ethereal sanctuary as this beautiful album combines the subtle nuances of the heavenly realm with joyful, optimistic and relaxing compositions.
  • Astral Dreams Music CD

    Astral Dreams Music CD

    Twelve tracks of pure serenity based on the hugely successful Zodiac Zone series of CD's. Each track represents a different astrological sign and written by twelve different composers, one from each star sign.
  • Chill Out Jazz Music CD

    Chill Out Jazz Music CD

    Quite simply, there is no music better to chill out to than Jazz and this album re-defines the boundaries as to how sublime Jazz music can be. Ultra-subtle percussion allied to the most laconic brass section enhanced by the limpid beauty of the cello is the perfect marriage of; melody, arrangement and restraint.
  • Chill Out Tibet Music CD

    Chill Out Tibet Music CD

    The mysticism and spiritual aura associated with Tibet are the bedrock of many Eastern Philosophies and practices. On this album the haunting vocals are fused with more contemporary sounds to produce a spellbinding chill out collection.
  • Guardian Angel Music CD

    Guardian Angel Music CD

    In this hectic world we all need to find time to relax, unwind and soothe the body, mind and soul. The ethereal ambience of these wonderful harp compositions by Bethan Myfanwy Hughes will create the perfect soundscape for serene contemplation. To focus solely on our relationship with our divine guardians, who guide us down life's pathway, is as spiritually rewarding as it is relaxing.
  • Mozart for Mother & Baby Music CD

    Mozart for Mother & Baby Music CD

    A new born baby benefits from music specifically played at sixty beats per minute as it mirrors the Mother’s heartbeat, which the baby has become accustomed to during pregnancy.
  • Nature's Chant World Music CD

    Nature's Chant World Music CD

    This truly stunning album combines hypnotic Gregorian vocals with the relaxing sounds of nature resulting in a mesmerising and memorable collaboration.
  • Sacred Chant World Music CD

    Sacred Chant World Music CD

    With a hint of divine inspiration this beautiful album features haunting vocals, an ethereal refrain throughout and is imbued with a Celtic undetone. This celestial encounter is as evocative as it is relaxing and will provide the ideal soundscape in which to unwind.
  • SPA Dreaming Music CD

    SPA Dreaming Music CD

    Beautifully soft tones that permeate throughout your entire body; subduing your senses into a dream-like state.