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  • Best of Nature Sounds CD

    Best of Nature Sounds CD

    Enjoy the best that Nature has to offer, from the serenity of the sea to the raw excitement of a fierce thunderstorm. This album features a compilation from Global Journey’s Nature Recording Series.
  • Cafe Brasil World Music CD

    Cafe Brasil World Music CD

    Coffee and music are both integral to Brazilian life and this album conjures images of a café veranda overlooking the golden sands of the Copacabana Beach. As the cooling breeze meets the heady intoxication of the coffee bean scent and the smooth rhythmic samba music hangs in the air, the result is both life-affirming and very relaxing.
  • Cafe Chile Music CD

    Cafe Chile Music CD

    The Café Mapocho take it's name from the river the Café is awash with a spirited and lively atmosphere that imbues a joie-de-vivre amongst all those who dwell.
  • Classics By The Sea Music CD

    Classics By The Sea Music CD

    The subtle tones of Shelley Beaumont’s piano and the tranquil strings of Keith Halligan’s guitar interpret these great classical compositions in sublime fashion. These exquisite performances are then taken to an ethereal level of serenity with the addition of the calming sounds of the sea.
  • Dolphin Paradise

    Dolphin Paradise

    The freedom and grandeur of one of nature's most enchanting creatures and their habitat come alive in this collection of elegant original compositions. Bottle-nosed Dolphin, Humpback whales,  sea gull and ocean surf collaborate with steel string acoustic guitar, piano,  oboe, violin, base, synthesizer and more. The result is soothing arrangements, imaginative instrumentation and exquisite melodies that take you on a magical journey to this mysterious underwater Dolphin Paradise.  
  • Earth Rhythms World Music CD

    Earth Rhythms World Music CD

    This reflective album is a transcendental tribute to Mother Earth and the culture, traditions and spirituality of her Indigenous peoples. The meditative ambience is a portrayal of the Aboriginal "Dreamtime" in which the hypnotic tones of the didgeridoo are absorbed by the conscious and sub-conscious mind.
  • Flute Naturally Music CD

    Flute Naturally Music CD

    The beautiful harmony of the flute enhanced by nature's own melody of the forest conjures this wonderful album which is both uplifting and relaxing. The nature sounds and music have been lovingly woven together so that the music comes to the fore when the birdsong abates and the birdsong comes to the fore as the music recedes, the harmonious fusion will rapidly become a Global Journey favourite.
  • Guardian Angel Music CD

    Guardian Angel Music CD

    In this hectic world we all need to find time to relax, unwind and soothe the body, mind and soul. The ethereal ambience of these wonderful harp compositions by Bethan Myfanwy Hughes will create the perfect soundscape for serene contemplation. To focus solely on our relationship with our divine guardians, who guide us down life's pathway, is as spiritually rewarding as it is relaxing.
  • Saxophone By The Sea Music CD

    Saxophone By The Sea Music CD

    The sultry and sensuous tones of the saxophone are fused with the relaxing sounds of waves gently caressing the golden sands of a secluded beach. Each wonderful track is dedicated to one of the world's most stunningly beautiful beaches.
  • Thunder Magic Music CD

    Thunder Magic Music CD

    This stunning albums merges the amazing piano compositions of Mark Phillip with the awesome yet relaxing sounds of a thunderstorm. The acoustic interaction between pianist and thunderstorm is mesmerising; the poignant music interspersed with the ephemeral claps of distant thunder and all the while the hypnotic rhythm of the rain.....a truly memorable experience.
  • Tranquil Sea Music CD

    Tranquil Sea Music CD

    The Most Relaxing Album might seem like a subjective matter but we're confident that when you surrender yourself to these exquisite guitar-led compositions and let the ocean sounds wash over you it will leave you in a complete state of relaxation.
  • Whale Symphony

    Whale Symphony

    This audio expedition to Alaska will let you experience the true majesty of the natural world. We follow a pod of 9 Humpback whales to their summer feeding grounds and along the way experience the grandeur of Alaska including;  its wildlife, rivers, lakes, cascading waterfalls, glaciers and snow caves.