StoreSound - In store music

Which StoreSound is right for your business?

Now there are three StoreSound systems to choose from;

• The original StoreSound is ideal for large retailers

• The StoreSound Lite system which is suitable for any retail environment but without   messages/promotions etc

• StoreSound Mini system is ideal for smaller stores.

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Once you have placed your order we will be in contact to provide you with everything you need to get up and running with your StoreSound system.

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  • StoreSound Full

    StoreSound Full

    StoreSound is your own radio station, with regular identifying announcements throughout the day welcoming your customers and telling them all about your special offers, information and events.
  • StoreSound Lite

    StoreSound Lite

    StoreSound is a new concept for in-store entertainment. With StoreSound you receive excellent in-store music with no annoying DJs or irrelevant Ad breaks. There are no Performing Rights or Public Performance fees to pay and you don’t need to play CDs or Radio Stations.