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An amazing album featuring some astounding poetry by some of the greatest poets, read by some of the most renowned actors of any generation and in some cases even read by the poets themselves!
1. Shakespeare - Sonnet 18 - read by Sir John Gielgud
2. Shakespeare - Sonnet 29 - read by Sir John Gielgud
3. Shakespeare - Sonnet 30 - read by Sir John Gielgud
4. William Wordsworth - On Westminster Bridge - read by Robert Donat
5. Dylan Thomas - Fernhill - read by Richard Burton
6. Dylan Thomas - Lament - read by Richard Burton
7. Rudyard Kipling - The Way Through The Woods - read by Robert Donat
8. John Keats - Ode On A Grecian Urn - read by Sir Ralph Richardson
9. John Keats - Ode To Melancholy - read by Sir Ralph Richardson#10. John Keats - Ode To Autumn - read by Sir Ralph Richardson
11. John Keats - La Belle Dame Sans Merci - read by Sir Ralph Richardson
12. Walter De la Mare - Before Dawn - read by Robert Donat
13. Robert Browning - The Ring And The Book (extract) - read by Robert Donat
14. T.S. Eliot - The Journey Of The Magi - read by Robert Donat
15. T.S. Eliot - The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock - read by T.S. Eliot
16. T.S. Eliot - MacAvity, The Mystery Cat - read by T.S. Eliot
17. T.S. Eliot - Gus, The Theatre Cat - read by T.S. Eliot#18. Brendan Behan - The Auld Triangle - read by Brendan Behan
19. James Joyce - Finnegan's Wake (extract) - read by James Joyce
20. W.B. Yeats - The Lake Isle Of Innisfree - read by W.B.Yeats
21. Sir John Betjeman - Hunter Trials - read by Sir John Betjeman
22. Sir John Betjeman - A Subaltern's Love Song - read by Sir John Betjeman
23. Sir John Betjeman - Youth and Age on Beaulieu River - read by Sir John Betjeman
24. Sir John Betjeman - Christmas - Robert Donat

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