Winston Churchill - The Story of WWII Historic Recordings CD

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Throughout history there can be few more charismatic and motivational orators than Winston Churchill and his name is synonymous with both the British bulldog spirit and dignity under pressure.##These war speeches are in chronological order and tell the story of the war from a British perspective; from the early days of Germany's invasion of Czech, Poland and France, when the war was going very badly for the Allies, to the latter speeches when there was a hint of optimism and a suggestion of victory. Amongst these famous speeches is the 22 minute war overview in which Churchill informs the British public of the progress of Allied forces across the world.
1.         May 1940 - "Nothing To Offer But Blood, Toil, Tears And Sweat"
2.         May 1940 - "In A Solemn Hour"
3.         June 1940 - "We Shall Fight Them On The Beaches"
4.         June 1940 - "This Was Their Finest Hour"
5.         June 1940 - "Never Have So Many Owed So Much To So Few"
6.         March 1944 - A Comprehensive Update On How The War Is Going
7.         May 1945 - "The End Of War In Europe"

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